Over 11,000 new marina berths needed in next 10 years, say British Waterways

Demand for marina moorings has risen beyond supply to the extent that over 11,000 new berths are required over the next ten years to remedy the shortage, say British Waterways. Commercial Director James Froomberg commented: ‘Boat ownership is increasing by 2.4% year on year and there is a critical shortfall in the number of inland marina berths.’ In response to the figure, the organisation has today published a guide promoting the investment and development opportunities that are available on UK Waterways.

The Inland Marina Investment Guide gives figures for projected market growth and shows possible returns of up to 18% as available from investing in large marinas. It also identifies suitable areas for marina development in the UK and explains how the new British Waterways specialist marina team will help in the process of their development.

For more information see www.britishwaterways.co.uk/marinadevelopment, or call the New Marina Unit on 0113 281 6800.