Dolphin sighted in Portsmouth Harbour

Over the summer a wild dolphin, which locals have named Dolly, has been repeatedly sighted in Portsmouth Harbour. It has been seen jumping out of the water and performing tricks, as well as riding the bow wave of the Commodore Clipper. One member of the public claims to seen up to four dolphins near Hill Head, leading to speculation that there might be a pod of dolphins in the area.
This follows on from Spinnaker the dolphin which was spotted in Portsmouth Harbour November 2005, and came to be loved by locals. But it was later hit by a tug and believed to have been killed.
Marine officers at the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust have requested that sailors act carefully to avoid hitting any dolphins seen in the area, stating they should: ‘Slow down and try to keep moving forwards’, since ‘A sudden change in direction could confuse it.’