Will Sayer in mid-Atlantic emergency repair

One of the 31 entrants in the OSTAR singlehanded transatlantic race has described how he had to climb his mast in mid-Atlantic to repair a broken shroud.

Will Sayer, whose preperations for the OSTAR we covered in a 5-page feature in the June issue of PBO (Download it free here, noticed that five of the outer strands of one of his lower shrouds were broken. Following the brisk start to the race that has already caused three boats to retire with gear damage, Will’s Sigma 33c, Elmarleen, is now the smallest boat left in the fleet.

Will reports that he had to climb the mast in the mid-Atlantic swell and effect a repair with spare wire and sta-lok terminals. He writes: ‘Just half an hour ago I tacked back onto the making tack for the grand banks after making such a fix to the boat. I now have no rigging spares or wire for any other mast repair so lets hope it is just the one. But I have to admit I am slightly concerned as all the rigging is the same age.’

He continues: ‘I feel the Atlantic is really testing me and doesn’t want me to pass. Well tough luck Mr Atlantic – its going to take more than that to break me and Elmarleen! Now p*** off and bother another competitor!’

You can follow all the skippers in the race at blOgSTAR