A vast improvement from the old building, which had 'major subsidence, water ingress and rats'

on Alderney’s new harbour office has been completed on time and under budget.

old Alderney Harbour office, which was in ‘a perilous state’, was demolished at
the end of February 2013 and staff moved into the new purpose-built facility on
16 February 2014.

work had a budget of £610,000 plus £32,000 preliminary costs.

Master Mark Gaudion said: ‘Extreme weather delayed the contract in the early
stages by about six to eight weeks but the contractor managed to catch up and
complete the work on time and under budget.

old building had major subsidence, water ingress and we had rats at one point.

very pleased with the new building, it’s fit for purpose and has been
constructed to a very high standard.

‘We look forward to a good season and to
welcoming our regulars and new visitors, we’ll give everyone a good tour.’

Pictures: The new harbour office. Credit: Mark Gaudion; The old building being demolished. Credit: Chris Rees.