Prepare your boat in good time!

Echoing the severe storms that hit the north of the UK and Ireland last Thursday, more violent weather is due this week – this time affecting the whole of the country.

Southern and western England and Wales are expected to be hit first, although very rough seas and winds to Force 10 could lash the coast all the way from North Foreland round to the Mull of Kintyre within the next 24 hours. In Northern Ireland and the far north of Scotland it could once more reach Force 11.

The ‘very deep Atlantic low pressure system’ will remain in place for the rest of the week, shifting its focus a little round the islands to centre next on the North, then the East by the weekend.

Boat owners are urged to take all precautions and secure their boats in good time – and avoid taking to the water until the Met Office warnings have lifted.

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Image: Creative Commons/ Webb Zahn