Gusts approaching 80kts forecast for some areas of the country this weekend

With gale force winds and gusts

approaching 100mph forecast in parts of the UK this weekend, insurers are warning

boat owners to be prepared.

Metrological reports suggest that gusts close to 92mph and sustained wind speed of

57mph across much of the Midlands and North of England, Scotland and

Ireland mean there is considerable risk of damage to ill prepared boats

that will not necessarily be covered by insurance. Most policies exclude

damage to canopies and covers or sails split by the wind because of the

high frequency of such incidents so this is a particular area where

owners should take precautions.

Insurers Navigators & General offer the following advice in the main areas that can be affected:


  • Whatever

    mooring type you have, ensure that you have the correct size and type of

    lines fitted for your boat and “double up lines” in preparation for

    strong winds. You should regularly be checking for wear and replace

    lines if in any doubt
  • Inland boats should also check mooring points ashore to ensure they are adequate, and consider using additional points
  • Any boat moored (or stored) under a tree could be at risk if the tree is rotten or badly kept. If possible move your boat
  • Ensure that your fenders are at the correct height and are well secured. Attach more fenders if you can
  • If possible,

    (and safe) remove sails, spray hoods, dodgers and canopies. If it’s not

    possible or safe to remove the sails check that they are very well

    furled, and use extra sail ties on both main and foresails
  • If ashore it is

    just as important to reduce windage, ensure that covers are not tied to

    supporting beams (they may pull these out) and if you are really

    concerned attached halyards to secure points on land and tension

  • Dinghies should be secured to the ground with halyards and lines around the hull
  • If you cannot

    get to your boat then it would not hurt to contact your yard or marina

    and ask them to check your boat and adjacent boats during the gales

It is always better to have more notice of

strong winds, but short notice is better than no notice at all. Without

putting yourself at risk N&G hope that some quick checks (or a call

to the yard) and some preventative action will prevent damage and claims

if the forecast strong winds come in.”