Accident in July 2007 caused by poor seat fitting on board 6.3m Ribquest

All RIB owners need to check that their seats are securely fastened to the hull, according to a report into a RIB accident by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch.

The incident occurred in July 2007, when three men were thrown into the River Thames, losing control of a 6.3m RibquestTime Fliesafter the hull-seat attachment failed. Investigators found that both self-tapping screws and sealant had been used to attach the GRP seat pods to the 18mm plywood deck. Poor preparation had allowed water to leak in to the joint and reduced adhesion, leaving just the self-tapping screws holding the seats on board. Over time water had seeped into the six screw holes and softened the plywood. As the boat turned, the lateral force ripped the seat pods loose.

The killcord did not stop the engine, however another boat managed to getTime Fliesquickly under control, while inflatable lifejackets kept the three MOBs safe.

However, as Ribquest has ceased trading, the following advice was issued by the MAIB to all owners of Ribquest RIBs with glued and screwed seat consoles:

? Physically try to move the seats and consoles by hand to ensure there is no movement.
? Check for loose screws and/or evidence of any screw movement.
? Examine the sealant between seat/consoles and the deck to check for breaks or cracks.
? Establish if there is any water seepage under the console/seat that may indicate the
sealant is not fully attached.
? Where doubt exists, seek advice from a professional boat builder/repairer to ensure
the seat pods/consoles have been attached in accordance with the manufacturer’s
guidance and remain secure.