Police seek witness for Loch Lomond RIB damage

Both police and staff at the Loch Lomond National Park insist lives have been put at risk by the vandalisation of three rescue boats.

The boats are used by the park’s water rangers to rescue people in difficulty and police believe the ‘despicable’ damage was caused by people who travelled by boat to the public slipway in Balloch where the three RIBs were stored.

Inspector Duncan MacLean, from Alexandria Police Office, said: ‘This was incredibly irresponsible and could have put lives in danger.

‘The only way that this could have been done is by someone approaching the vessels in a boat.’

The powerboats are also used to maintain navigation buoys and pontoons and monitor wildlife.

Fiona Logan, chief executive of the park, said: ‘This is a despicable act of vandalism which has the potential to put lives at risk.

‘I am outraged that the huge range of good work carried out on a daily basis by our dedicated team of water rangers can be affected in this disgraceful way.

‘The national park boats are funded by public money and an attack like this affects us all.’

Insp MacLean appealed to anyone who saw people acting suspiciously or unfamiliar boats in the area between 4.30pm on Sunday and 2.30pm on Monday to contact police on 01389 823000.