Inaugural show binned after major exhibitors pull out

The inaugural Liverpool Boat Show, due to take place for 10 days from 29 April, has been cancelled, according to reports.

Event organisers Marine Industry Events said it had been
forced to cancel the show due to the economic climate and poor take-up
of exhibitors. Managing director Rob Mackenzie, said it had cancelled
the show to “protect the integrity of what we know to be the enormous
long-term potential for a major boat show in Liverpool”.

He added: “The failure and the financial loss and its
consequences is MIE’s to bear alone, but it is better to cancel the show
to protect Liverpool’s reputation rather than to allow exhibitors who
booked in good faith and visitors who would have travelled from all over
the country in expectation of the participation of brands who’d made
late decisions not to take part.”

The Liverpool Echo reports that the city stands to lose up to £30m of leisure and tourism cash. Councillor Wendy Simon, cabinet member for culture and
tourism, told the BBC: “It is extremely disappointing that the economic downturn
affecting the whole of the maritime sector has caused MIE to cancel the
inaugural Liverpool Boat Show. We are very aware of the economic impact this will have on our tourism economy.”

The Echo reports: ‘insiders said the ‘flop’ of the London boatshow at ExCel in
January did not bode well for Liverpool’s chances of hosting the show.’