See photos of the UK's first disabled solo circumnavigator, his team and over 150 well-wishers and assorted media

‘Spike’ Spencer and Geoff’s wife Elaine wait on top of the Personal Everest specially adapted land-rover used to haul the Challenger trimaran up the slipway at the Royal Southern YC, Hamble. The boom atop the roof was used for winching Geoff, who is paralysed from the chest down, out of the Challenger in ports where no slipway was available

The Southern Union Chorus barber shop choir serenaded the crowd as Geoff was delayed by about half an hour

Having crossed the line at 11:06 out in Southampton Water, Geoff was towed down the confined channel of the Hamble River and greeted with a roar from the crowd

As the sun came out so did the support team to help the land-rover winch haul the Challenger up the slipway on its trailer

Champagne for brunch!

Waiting photographers took pics for several minutes. Someon asked: What do you want to do now, Geoff? ‘I just want to go fishing!’ He replied

Timmy, Elaine and Geoff toast the end of the record-breaking voyage

Interviews with local press, radio 5 live, BBC South and ITV meridian

The support team (L to R): Ian Clover, Elaine, Timmy, Sarah Outen, Andy Cockayne, James Cockayne, Sue Cockayne, Spike Spencer, Eddie Edrich and Joel Whalley