Government issues advice to water dwellers

The government is busy reminding people that Census

day, the 27 March and the deadline for submitting your completed census, is fast approaching. 

 But for the many people around the country who live on their boat, what to do? Here follows some advice from the Census people: “If you live on your boat your questionnaire should have been sent to the

address you are moored at, or have been delivered by the marina office.

If you have not received a census questionnaire you should get in touch

with the census helpline 0300 0201 101 (England) or 0300 0201 130

(Wales) to request your copy.

“If you are away on holiday on your boat, or anywhere else, for census

day, try to complete the questionnaire before you go if you can, or on

your return. For the first time in census history you can now complete

your questionnaire online at, using the individual

secure internet access code on the front of your paper questionnaire. It

takes about 10 minutes per adult to complete, much less for children.”