Rainbow Warrior III an environmentally-advanced world first

Twenty-five years after the original Rainbow Warrior was destroyed by a bomb in New Zealand, killing a photographer, construction has begun on a new, purpose-built Greenpeace flagship.

Designed primarily for sailing, Rainbow Warrior III will use diesel-electric only for backup. Other green features will include:

  • hull shape designed for superior energy efficiency
  • A-frame 54m mast and sails, optimised for highly effective sailing
  • electric drive system (10 knots on only 300kW)
  • Green Ship class notation with Green Passport
  • biological treatment of sewage and grey water
  • central filling and venting system for fuel and oils to prevent spills
  • environmentally-friendly paint system
  • re-use of engine heat to make hot water

At 52-years-old, the group’s current flagship, Rainbow Warrior II, is ready for retirement.

The new ship, being built in Germany, will set sail next year in time for the 40th anniversary of the founding of Greenpeace.

For full story see www.greenpeace.org.