Northern Ireland’s Carrybridge RNLI weere tasked to a burning boat on Saturday evening on Upper Lough Erne, County Fermanagh.

The charity’s inshore lifeboat and Rescue Wafer Craft was launched at 6.08pm and located the 25ft Bayliner two miles north of Belturbet.

The four that were onboard were safely removed from the boat by a passing vessel and brought to the shore.

The Bayliner burnt itself out and sank into shallow waters close to the shoreline.

Both Belturbet and Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue service were in attendance.

Carrybridge RNLI Helm Chris Cathcart said ‘ The crew of the burning vessel did the right thing by alerting the Coastguard straight way when their vessel went on fire.  They made sure they had their lifejackets on and evacuated their vessel to another passing vessel as soon as possible.’

He also commended the crews of the further two vessels the lifeboat assisted for their quick thinking when they found themselves in danger.

The volunteer lifeboat crew were then tasked by Belfast Coastguard to a boat with engine problems 1.5 miles from Knockninny. The sports cabin cruiser and its four passengers and their dog were brought to safety at Knockninny marina.

A third tasking saw Carrybridge RNLI going to a vessel that ran out fuel close to the Share Centre. The 22ft boat and its passenger were brought to safety of the Share Centre Marina.

The lifeboat and RWC returned to station at 9.15pm.

Chris added: ‘The importance of alerting the Coastguard as soon as possible in all cases help saves lives and prevented the situation from developing into something more serious on all our call-outs.’