Stephen Walker might be the first to have sailed a trimaran out of Chester since the 1960s

Stephen Walker, of Ahoy-Boats, might be the first person to have sailed a trimaran out of the ancient picturesque city of Chester since the 1960s, when the bridges at Queensferry and Shotton were permanently closed. Centuries earlier it had been the Romans who came to and from the city by water, but heavy silting of the River Dee in the 18th and 19th Centuries made sailing out to sea nearly impossible.
And so it is almost with certainty that Stephen is the first person to sail a trimaran out of Chester. With the wind from the north-west and the bridges impossible to pass underneath with the mast up, Stephen motored for the first part of his journey.
It proved to be quite an adventure, with the trimaran even grounding near Flint. You can read his blog and find out what happened next by going to: