Recreational moorings will be between Tower Bridge and Greenhithe

Talks are underway to provide extra

recreational moorings on the tidal Thames for visiting yachts and boats

during the 2012 London Olympics.


The exact locations and numbers have yet to be finalised but they are

likely to be in several areas from Tower Bridge downstream to Greenhithe

in Kent.  


The Port of London Authority is already getting inquiries from home and

abroad and one organisation in Holland alone says it wants to bring 100

boats over the Channel for the Olympics.

The PLA will license third parties to lay and manage the extra moorings. Details are expected to be announced within the next few weeks.


Boat owners will have to book the moorings in advance. And the PLA are

urging visiting yachtsmen not to sail to the capital unless they have


Chief Harbour Master David Snelson. said: “The last thing we want

is for boats milling about on the Thames with nowhere to moor up. So we

will be urging people to make arrangements well in advance.”


The negotiations are currently under way with the owners of existing

moorings to increase the number available and ensure they will be in

safe areas of the river.  


The authority is also insisting that river taxi services  will be made

available so skippers and their crews can get ashore safely from

midstream moorings.

Once the locations have been confirmed  the PLA will launch a publicity campaign outlining arrangements.