Poole Quay Boat Haven accused of accommodating 'visiting' boats for long periods


Marina Ltd is pursuing court action against Poole Borough Council with the

support of three Poole harbour marine businesses over Poole Quay Boat Haven

being allowed to accommodate boats for long periods. 


four businesses being Salterns Marina Ltd, Marina Developments Ltd, Davis’s

Boatyard and Dorset Lake Shipyard Ltd claim the Poole Quay Boat Haven, now

owned by Poole Harbour Commissioners is being utilised in breach of the

original planning agreement.

This agreement was signed in January 2000 by Poole Borough Council,

Poole Harbour Commissioners and Poole & District Fishermen’s Association, and stated that from April to October all of the berths must be available

for ‘visiting vessels’.


claimants are seeking a judicial review at the High Court London as to what

constitutes a ‘visiting vessel’.

The group’s solicitor,

Paul Thomas said: ‘We are asking the judge for a definition of what the words

‘visiting vessel’ mean. A High Court judge has already indicated it

is not a three month rolling contract.’


short hearing is due on 24 May, at which they hope the High Court will allow

them to proceed to a full hearing later in 2013.


Smith, managing director of Salterns Marina Ltd said: ‘I want the visitor’s haven to be

operating for visitors, so it’s a busy, vibrant facility which benefits the

whole of Poole.’


Feeney, managing director of Marina Developments Ltd, which owns Cobbs Quay said: ‘We are a

group of local business people who have been forced to go to court to get

common sense and fair play restored. We hope the judge sees it the way we do.’


Culpan, director of Dorset Lake Shipyard Ltd said: ‘Other south coast marinas

had restrictions of a week or slightly longer for visiting yachts. There are so many

permanent boats in there.’


Murdoch, a partner in Davis’s Boatyard said they had fought against a large

marina 31 years ago, and added: ‘Because of it ruining all our businesses. Here we are

fighting it again.’


Stewart, chief executive of Poole Harbour Commissioners is quoted as saying

that they were in talks with the Borough of Poole and other parties to try to

find a solution.


updates will follow.

(Picture: L to R – Malcolm Shakesby MBE, Rodney Pattison, Dave Wilson – Regional Director MDL, John Smith – MD Salterns Marina Ltd, Eamonn Feeney – MD of Marina Developments Ltd, Front: Robin Culpan – Director Dorset Lake Shipyard Ltd, Lorraine Murdoch – Partner Davis’s Boatyard)