We're sad to announce the death of a much loved contributor who has written over 50 articles for PBO


David Berry died on 12 June aged 73 after a hard fought fight with Motor Neurone Disease.

David and Ann have contributed many articles to PBO based on their sailing yacht Aderyn Glas, which is sited in Preveza, Greece and latterly Osprey their GPR canal cruiser.

Ann and David Berry

David began writing articles for a computer magazine before moving onto sailing and he has contributed more than 50 articles to PBO over many years. During his long career as a design engineer he never lost sight of pleasurable experiences and had a glider pilot’s licence and then, on retirement, he converted to powered aircraft.

David learnt to sail dinghies on the local reservoir before moving up to yachts. Aderyn Glas was his ultimate yacht and contained a magnitude of electronics including a gas alarm which played “Stairway to Heaven”.

David and Ann Berry’s ‘ultimate yacht’ Aderyn Glas, a Moody Eclipse, which they spent many happy years on in Greece 

David and Ann sailed from the UK to Greece in 2008 and spent the next 12 Years exploring the Ionian, Saronic and Aegean waters of Greece.

PBO editor Ali Wood, said, “David will be sorely missed by our readers and the team. Not only was he a great writer, who had a way of simplifying highly technical concepts, but he was determined and prolific, submitting Practical Projects right to the end of his illness. He was a warm, kind man who always had time for a chat and words of encouragement.”

You can read some of David’s PBO articles here. David and Ann also wrote a book called Time to Go South about their liveaboard experience of sailing from the South of France to Corfu.