Boaters have until 12 March to sign the Cruising Association's (CA) petition calling for a debate on the better marking of static fishing gear

Sailors have until 12 March to sign a petition calling for a consultation on the use and marking of static fishing gear in UK waters.

The Cruising Association (CA) believes the current, voluntary guidance isn’t adequate, and wants the British government to consult with all interested parties on introducing enforceable regulations amongst other measures.

It has recently released a video highlighting the dangers of entanglement with lobster pots, which features. Tom Cunliffe, pilot book author Norman Kean and yachtsman, Steve Williams, who both describe their experiences with entanglement.

To date, more than 7,300 people have signed the petition demanding the British government looks at the issue.

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The petition will remain live until the closing date of 12 March. It can be signed here: 

‘The CA feels that it is time for everybody with an interest in boating to work together to find a solution, particularly one that is affordable and practical for our fishermen,” said a CA spokesman.