Difficult rescue for RNLI

A 10-metre yacht on passage from Holyhead to Port Dinorwic had to be rescued, yesterday and towed ashore by Moelfre RNLI after becoming entangled with a rope from a string of lobster pots half a mile off Point Lynas, Anglesey.

Two of the RNLI crewmen transferred from the Lifeboat onto the yacht, which was unable to steer because of the tangled rope, and attempted to free the rudder with a cutting tool from the Lifeboat.

Following several attempts the rope was finally freed by dragging a weighted line beneath the vessel to snag the fouling rope.

It was then discovered that the rope had damaged its steering gear and the Lifeboat towed the yacht, which had five people on board, into Amlwch Port.

Moelfre RNLI Lifeboat Spokesman Dave Massey said: ‘When the Lifeboat arrived on the scene it was blowing force 6 to 7 and there was a very strong tide running which made the task of cutting the rope free very difficult.’

The RNLI launched for 277 boats with fouled propellers in 2009, including commercial, fishing and leisure craft:

Large motorboat: 58

Yacht: 93

Small powerboat: 24