Cherbourg still open for business but be prepared to change plans if heading for other ports

The Royal Yachting Association has released the following advice in response to the news of French fishermen blockading the ports of Calais, Boulogne and Dunkirk in protest against the EU fishing quotas set by the Common Fisheries Policy.

‘There is currently no information as to when these blockades will be lifted or how long the fishermen’s protest will go on for. The RYA has spoken to the port at Cherbourg and they do not expect to be blockaded however this situation may change.

RYA advice for those who may be considering a cruise to the European coast in the near future is the following;

Listen to the news regularly to keep up to date with the political mood; you might be able to judge when blockade action is more or less likely.

Any passage plan requires a number of factors including weather, time and tide to be considered, some of which may affect your cruise and intended destinations. Time may be critical. If this is the case for you and action appears likely and you cannot afford to be blockaded, then it may well be prudent not to go.

Contact the port authorities or marina at your intended destination and potential alternative ports of refuge prior to your departure to establish the current and likely situation; local authorities are likely to have a better understanding of the true situation locally. Clearly this will not protect you from wildcat action.

Prepare for an extended voyage in your passage planning; is the crew and vessel up to it should you wish to sail past a blockaded port?

Do not take on the fishermen. If you do experience any problems please let the RYA know by emailing