Watch Jolly Olly finish his voyage in London

A 26-year-old man that had a form of leukaemia so rare that it did not have a name will finish his round-Britain sail tomorrow.

Olly Rofix began his voyage at St Katharine Docks, London in March and plans to lock back into the same venue at 1.30pm.

He was only the third person in the world to have his disease, which he ‘thought was pretty cool until (he) found out the other two were dead’.

During his treatment he refurbished a Valiant 18 and after a successful bone marrow transplant, he decided to sail the boat, named Jolly Olly, around the UK to raise money for Anthony Nolan and inspire other cancer sufferers.

He also wants 40 people to commit to being bone marrow donors, especially males aged 18-25. He is currently five people short of his target.

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