Excitement grows in the run up to the ARC start

Excitement grows in the run up to the Sunday 23 November start of the annual Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, affectionately known as ‘the ARC’. It’s a friendly transatlantic race from Gran Canaria to St Lucia in the Caribbean, intended to make crossing the Atlantic safer and more fun with like-minded people. This year there are 218 yachts from 20 different nations taking part. The average time for the crossing is between 14 and 21 days.

From the ARC website, it’s claimed that 2,549 tuna have been caught, 4,526 yachts have taken part, 5,275 litres of rum punch have been drunk, 19,603 crew have sailed, and 11,406,080 nautical miles have been travelled in 23 years of the ARC from 1986 to 2008.

On Wednesday ARC entrants attended the ‘Weather for the Atlantic Crossing’ seminar, after which there was a talk with advice for those planning to attempt the return route. There was also a talk on first aid and health at sea.

Competitors got into the party spirit on Wednesday evening, with a large event at the Sotovento Club, including fancy dress, sangrias, tapas and piñata!