The Golden Hind Museum ship is the market for £360,000

Sir Francis Drake became the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe in 1577 when he sailing the Golden Hind.

Today, more than 400 years later, a replica of this illustrious ship, is available on the market for £360,000.
The Golden Hind Museum ship has been based in Brixham harbour, Devon, since 1963, fascinating thousands of visitors of all ages.

The ship’s owner, Simon Read, is seeking a buyer to ensure the vessel remains operational as one of the town’s most recognised tourist attractions and a multi-functioning business.
Next year the replica ship will celebrate its 50th year in the harbour at Brixham, one of England’s oldest fishing ports. The Golden Hind Museum Ship was bequeathed to Simon by his father, who purchased the replica in 1970.
Simon hopes the ship can remain in Brixham and is keen to ensure whoever takes on ownership of the Golden Hind appreciates its importance to the town and its community.

He said: ‘As a prominent component of the town’s heritage, losing the ship from Brixham Harbour would undoubtedly have a significant impact on tourism levels in the town.’

The Golden Hind is recognised nationally as a key educational resource, with visitors enlightened about the life and times of Sir Francis Drake and conditions at sea during the 16th century. Staff on the ship offer a range of fun, interactive lessons and re-enactments.

About the Golden Hind replica

The ship is not just a key educational and tourist resource in Brixham but also runs as a business, and is frequently used as a unique filming location.

It was featured prominently on Sky Atlantic’s ‘Fish Town’, a 10-part documentary that delved into the lives of those living and working in the famous fishing port.
This year, the Golden Hind welcomed on board TV chef Heston Blumenthal, who was filming for his latest series ‘Heston’s Fantastical Food’, which will air later this year. The programme will celebrate the traditional British delicacy of fish and chips.

The ship can also be licensed as a wedding venue and offers hospitality for up to 60 people, and saloon seating for 30 below decks.
Simon added: ‘I cannot stress enough the importance of the Golden Hind to the local community and that fact this is the first time in forty years that this unique replica vessel has come onto the market.

‘I really hope we can find a buyer who plans to keep this great ship in Brixham.’

The Golden Hind Museum Ship is being marketed by First Peninsula Marine, with an asking price of £360,000. All enquiries are requested to make contact with First Peninsula Marine on 01548 854455 or via the website.