Download your PBO Small Craft Almanac corrections here

Adlard Coles Nautical has published the following corrections for the PBO Small Craft Alamanac 2018 (available from, which are available to download free below:

The corrections consist of the following updates:

UK/Europe corrections to 1st February 2018 include Admiralty Notices to Mariners Week 5/18

1. Corrections to the above Almanacs are placed on at the following intervals: In early January (covering the period since going to press in June); and thereafter at the start of each month from February through to June. There is no repetition, except where an earlier correction is modified by later data.
2. We thank those who have contributed helpful suggestions, all of which are considered and, if feasible, included. Please tell the Editors as soon as possible of any corrections to the Almanac(s) thought to be necessary, particularly as a result of experience at sea.

Download your PBO Small Craft Almanac corrections here.