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Hesketh Bank, PR4 6RR

Douglas Marine: Douglas Marine is a boatyard on the River Douglas in Lancashire, offering chandlery, mooring and boat repairs.
Douglas Marine Limited is a family owned company run by a team of enthusiastic and experienced shipwrights.

Douglas Marine
Click on the image for an interactive Navionics chart of the approaches to Douglas Marine

Marina group:
Berth depth (MLWS): 1.8m
Approach depth (MLWS): 0m
Access restrictions: Access restrictions are roughly 1.5hrs before HW and 2hrs after
VHF channel(s):
Toilets: Y
Showers: Y
Laundry: N
WiFi: N
Diesel: <
Petrol: <
Gas: <
Lift-out: 20 tonnes
Chandlery: Y
Café/Restaurant: <
Shop: <
TYHA member: N/A
TransEurope member: N
Number of berths: 5
Average price per metre: £1.15
Discounts available: Y
Harbour dues included: Y
Water: S
Power: N
Parking per day: £0.00