Rupert Holmes explains why this new portable wind sensor from Calypso Instruments is a such significant step forward


Wireless, portable wind sensors have been around for many years, but none are as neatly packaged as this impressively compact ultrasonic unit which has no moving parts.

Power is via a solar panel, backed up with an internal battery, while data communication to the boat’s instrument system, smartphone, or Garmin watch is via Bluetooth with a 50m range.

Secondary sensors include a thermometer, gyroscope and accelerometer. The internal battery is rated to provide power for up to 30 days’ use without input from the solar panel and storage in sleep mode for up to one year.

The unit weighs only 135 grammes, is waterproof to a depth of 10 metres, and mounts on a 16mm female thread. It can be used as a hand held unit, or mounted at the masthead of a yacht, or on the arch of a RIB.

Options include mast and pole mounts, as well as a choice of NMEA2000, 0183 and wifi gateways.

Price start from €499 (mast mount €25, 1m pole mount €65, NMEA gateways €275)

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