Quick tips to reduce waste

The Pacific Gyre north of Hawaii is the largest and most famous of at least five known oceanic plastic rubbish dumps in the ocean created by the circling currents and the sheer amount of plastic waste  irresponsibly disposed of at sea or along the shore.

Everyone contributes (most unwittingly) but yacht cruisers are the most likely to be confronted with the problem face to face, sailing through the rubbish. Hence the following top tips for preventing the pollution in the first place and reducing the harm should the plastic waste be dumped illegally. (Source: www.bluewatersailing.com)

1. Use durable fabric shopping bags

2. Re-use plastic bags rather than discard them

3. Choose bio-plastics, glass or paper rather than normal plastic

4. Pick up plastic you see while sailing and recycle or dispose of properly

5. Support companies that use recycled or recyclable plastic and those that avoid excess packaging

6. Buy in bulk avoiding multiple small containers that need disposing

7. Cut the rings of plastic six-pack holders to reduce the chances of entanglement if the plastic ends up out at sea