PBO readers call for help to identify their newly-bought project boats...

What's that boat?

This boat is believed to be a 7.9m (26ft) Fjord: can anyone confirm this?

■ I’m currently restoring this boat, but I can’t track down its pedigree. I believe it to be a 7.9m (26ft) Fjord: can any readers confirm this, and tell me where I can find original specs if so?
John Morrison, by email

What's that boat?

This yacht was built to a French design – any ideas who the designer was?

Quelle est-elle?
■ I wonder if any PBO readers could help me track down the name of the designer of my yacht? I purchased the boat in Spain, and all I know about her is that she was amateur- built to a French design, possibly by a builder in Saint Nazaire. She is 17.4m long and 4.2m beam.
Alan Dyke, by email

What's that boat?

This eBay purchase is a 28-footer of unknown origins

Auction action
■ Can any PBO readers help me to identify Galworthy, my new eBay yacht purchase? She’s a 28-footer and a lovely old girl, very similar to a Halcyon 27 but the steering is different. Great magazine, by the way!
James Weddell, Bedfordshire

What's that boat?

Do you recognise the design of this bilge-keeler?

Shadow of a doubt
■ I’m seeking help identifying a small yacht I’ve just taken over as a project. The LOA is just under 5.5m (18ft), and as you can see she’s a bilge-keeler. I thought she might be a Hurley Silhouette as there is a single S on the mainsail: however, all the Silhouettes on the owners’ association website show a hatch on the foredeck, which this doesn’t have. Does anyone have any ideas?
I always enjoy reading PBO: there’s so much useful information for a beginner like myself.
Kevin Batie, Gloucester

What's that boat?

This is not a Hunter – so what is it?

Hunting for info
■ I’m new to sailing and have recently bought this 5.5m (18ft) boat. There are no badges on it, so I was wondering if anyone could tell me what type it is? I’ve been told it’s a Hunter 18, but haven’t been able to verify this.
Ronnie Smith, by email

PBO contributor Peter K Poland replies:
It’s definitely not a Hunter! It looks a bit like a Tucker design, ie hard chine plywood with a tidy little coachroof. The lid doesn’t look like one on an 18ft Caprice, but maybe it’s a non-standard one or a home built job?


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