Download free multi-part PBO series

Follow the birth of a new production boat – the Cornish Crabber 26 – from concept to mould to first hull and finish.

All parts 1-7 of PBO technical editor David Harding’s multi-part series are now available to download free in pdf format. Click on the links below.

The on-water boat test was published in the October 2010 issue.


Part 1: Birth of a new boat – PBO Feb 2010


Part 2: Making the mould – PBO Mar 2010


Part 3: Building first hull – PBO May 2010

Part 4: Building the deck plug – PBO Jul 2010

 Cornish Crabber PArt 5
Part 5: Creating the interior – PBO August 2010

Cornish Crabber part 6

Part 6: Putting it all together – PBO September 2010

Cornish Crabber PArt 7

Part 7: Complete and ready for launch – PBO October 2010