If you’re one of this year’s 95 ARC+ boats who’ve just made landfall in Grenada, here’s how to stretch your legs (and revive your tastebuds) after a breezy Atlantic crossing. …

A couple sailing a shearwater boat

Genevieve Leaper shares her late father John Leaper’s recollections – compiled from handwritten notes – of cruising the Channel in his Shearwater sloop during the 1960s

Ann Davison, wearing a black jumper and trousers standing on the deck of a boat

Ann Davison became the first woman to sail across the Atlantic solo when she arrived in New York in November 1953. Katy Stickland looks back at her record

“How do you get from one lake to another?” My brother Jack, a ferry captain, wanted to know when I said I was off to sail a cruising yacht on…

an aerial view of yachts berthed at Chichester Marina

Tranquil Chichester Marina and the surrounding harbour is the perfect destination for sailors with time to explore this area of natural beauty, as Alison Wood reports