Marsali Taylor

Marsali Taylor

Marsali Taylor grew up with boats in West Highland summer holidays, and bought her first sailing dinghy, a Graduate, with her gap year wages.

When she moved to Shetland she became involved with teaching at the local club, and is now an SI. She sails her 8M Offshore keelboat Karima S around Shetland’s scenic west side.

Other sailing adventures include a trip to Norway in a Contessa 36, voyages in Shetland’s own tall ship Swan, a Fifie fishing boat, and voyages as a trainee aboard Sørlandet, one of Norway’s three sail training ships.

She is a columnist for Practical Boat Owner and author of The Shetland Sailing Mysteries starring liveaboard sleuth, Cass Lynch.

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a boat salvage operation in a marina

Marsali Taylor reports on the salvage efforts to raise a wooden vessel at Aith Marina that attracted spectators despite the mizzle and smirr