The Sailing Brothers, Luke and Adam Martin have given a shout-out to Practical Boat Owner magazine on their Youtube channel


The Sailing Brothers, Luke and Adam Martin – former supermarket workers turned round-the-world adventurers – kindly gave a shout out to Practical Boat Owner magazine’s November issue in their Important Channel Update.

It’s right at the end but the team here like to think it inspired the video title.

Luke and Adam were celebrating the fact that PBO’s columnist Kass Schmitt had put the spotlight on The Sailing Brothers in her monthly Channel Hopping article.

Kass’s column followed a request from a PBO reader Philip Lomax who wrote in saying: “Apologies if you have already featured them and I missed it but “The Sailing Brothers” on YouTube are well worth a watch.

“Their approach is really refreshing. They are on a very modest budget, do most of their own maintenance and have a go out and do it attitude having just crossed the Atlantic in their Rival 34 Atlas.

“They are open and honest and show plenty of sailing.”


Channel Hopping praise

In the November issue, which is now on sale, PBO’s YouTube aficionado Kass described The Sailing Brothers’ episode about their entrance to North Carolina, USA as “a brilliant mash-up of Beavis and Butt-Head with Gavin & Stacey.”

Kass said: “Their enthusiasm is infectious. The further they travel, the bigger they dream, and it’s hard not to share in their excitement and joy as their dreams come true.
“They are currently in Nova Scotia, planning a passage back to the Caribbean after hurricane season, and from there, the world via the Panama Canal. I’m looking forward to following them the whole way.”

A PBO Facebook post about Welsh duo featuring in the magazine received an enthusiastic response from readers too.

Philip Holt commented: “Really enjoyable sailing videos and useful, straightforward tips and updates from two genuinely enthusiastic, down to earth guys. Many other sailing videos seem to have lost their way with spear-fishing and other such things non-sailing (whilst apparently still managing to entice patreon subscribers??). Keep the adventures going Luke and Adam.”

Keith Harrison said: “They’re simply brilliant, what an achievement.”

John Wright added: “A fantastic adventure. I look forward to their video’s every week.

Simon Micklewright commented: “Inspiration to us all. I love the get up and go attitude. Wish them all the best.”

Joe Lay said: “We watch these guys brilliant ? it’s a sailing channel and that’s what they do , oh and cheese ?”

Sian Moran added: “Brilliant channel, have watched it since they set off on their journey around the UK. Well worth doing a “catch up” if you haven’t seen them. Their enthusiasm and genuine appreciation of their patreons is great to see. ? ⛵️”

Mark Puddicombe said: “Love the weekly episodes from the cheesy boys ??”

Jenny Sheppard added: “Love these guys.”