If your faithful hound is selected to star as our Seadog of the Month in Practical Boat Owner magazine, your canine crew will win an OLAS Tag man – or dog! – overboard safety device to aid any recovery operation at sea.

Practical Boat Owner magazine’s popular Seadog of the Month section is getting a shake-up in the prize department.

A big thank you to sponsors Red Original for kitting out 24 winners with dog buoyancy aids – covering issues for the past two years.

It’s fortunate that these safety devices are available in five sizes as PBO Seadog of the Month attracts worthy contenders from all breeds, from Coconut the Newfoundland who opted for the colour red in extra large…

Coconut the Newfoundland seadog

Coconut the mooring watcher

Coconut the Newfoundland in his Red Dog Buoyancy Aid

Owner Allan Cronier says: “Our sincere gratitude for the coconut float you sent our way. Noix de Coco is absolutely thrilled.”

…to Teddy a rescue pup who was believed to be part King Charles Spaniel, who hoped for the red/grey design in extra-small.

Teddy the rescue seadog, part King Charles Spaniel

Teddy the rescue seadog, part King Charles Spaniel

Teddy the part-King Charles Spaniel dog wearing a red original dog buoyancy aid

Teddy’s crew Ben Flint says: “Such a fantastic prize – many thanks!”

Also available in blue, the Dog Buoyancy Aids are ergonomically designed to support your dog in the water and give them a positive swimming position with a wide front leg for increased range of motion. They also boast durable, waterproof, tear-resistant Cordura fabric, grab handles, reflective detailing, and a lead attachment.

New sponsor announcement

Red Original was a great fit for the prize role and a tough act to follow, so we’re delighted that filling the sponsorship boots will be Exposure Marine with their safety focused OLAS Tags to aid man overboard recovery.

The nifty design can be attached to gear, the lifejacket of crew, or indeed… pets!

OLAS is a cost effective portable MOB alarm to help with crew rescue. PBO’s Ali Wood tested the OLAS Tag during a narrowboat adventure when she feared losing any of her three children overboard and was impressed with the peace of mind it provided.

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How does the OLAS Tag work?

When OLAS Tags are paired with the OLAS App on your smartphone or tablet, it creates a virtual tether with your mobile device, and will instantly set off a piercing alarm if someone has gone overboard breaking the connection.

Using low energy Bluetooth, which is embedded into Exposure’s proprietary ‘OLAS’ technology. The App can be ‘paired’ with up to eight OLAS Tags which can be worn as a wrist band, attached to back of a floatation device, a dan buoy or a dog’s collar.

If the ‘virtual tether’ is broken when the OLAS tag goes in the water, or beyond a range of 30m, sounding the alarm. The App immediately switches from normal navigation mode to MOB mode. The screens then provide easy to read and visual directions pointing to the direction of the incident, the course to steer, bearing and distance.

The App has been specifically designed for the inexperienced or less confident sailor as an aid to helping them through the entire MOB procedure, to save time and reduce panic levels.

OLAS App is available for purchase from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The OLAS Tags retail for £65 each and can be purchased from Exposure Marine.

OLAS Tag attached to a dog buoyancy aid

OLAS Tag attached to a dog buoyancy aid

How to enter Seadog of the Month

Send photographs and 200 words about your faithful hound to pbo@futurenet.com and the chosen Star of the Month will win the OLAS Tag as a prize (UK residents only)!

A spokesman for Exposure Marine said: “Exposure Marine is delighted to work with PBO to introduce the OLAS tag as the prestigious new PBO Seadog of the Month prize sponsor. Together, we look forward to enhancing maritime safety for all onboard.”

PBO editor Katy Stickland said: “We’re delighted to welcome a new sponsor to our ever-popular Seadog section. Red Original did a great job kitting out winners with a dog buoyancy aid over the last 24 issues, and now Exposure Marine has come on board with their safety focused OLAS Tags to aid man (dog) overboard recovery. Thanks to Exposure Marine for partnering with us.”