The family wind down by visiting the pier, beach and electric train.

Despite the very short break in Portsmouth, we all felt very relaxed. The engine was fixed and was purring very happily down below. Hardly any wind to speak of. As the Solent disappeared behind us peace and quiet set in. The VHF went strangely silent – what, no radio checks?

Once we rounded Selsey Bill the wind picked up – a very modest 2-3, but at least it was from the right direction. As the tide was still with us our SOG was still a very decent 5.5kts. We’re on a holiday – who’s in a hurry? We made Brighton just before the tide turned. Off to the Marina Office to get a berth for two days.

Brighton looked attractive on our way down. Illuminated pier and all that. Give the kids a break. The next day we did just that. Pier, beach, electric train, the usual touristy things. They seemed to be having the time of their life. Good! This is what it’s all about.