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naturally like to stockpile food aboard their boats, and what better
than to be weighed down with scores of tins. Dave Selby prepares for
the worst in his April podcast.
A week of tannin-fuelled hedonism – it must be a Sailfish rally . Dave Selby reveals all in his March podcast.
Messing about in boats is great fun – but watching others mess about can be even more so. Download the February podcast.
It’s deja vu all over again – tales of daring-do on the high seas . Download the January podcast.
Who needs charts and echo-sounders when you’ve got local knowledge. Download the December podcast.
No prizes for coming last. Disappointment for Dave at the Heybridge Basin regatta. Download the November podcast.
Fashions may come and go but gaff couture is a timeless classic. Download the October podcast.
Triple Whammy – It’s not the winning that counts but the size of your bowsprit. Download the September podcast.
Resins to be cheerful – pot two. Dave gets stuck into an epoxy job in his August podcast.
Talking rubbish – quality rubbish – is a skill to be honed early in the season over a cuppa. Dave gets some practise in his July podcast.
The boating burden lies heavy upon the soul of the true sailor – Dave shares his woes in his June podcast.
Prickers and tingles, and what it means to be a sail flapper – Dave admits his weaknesses in his May podcast.
Dave hopes his dog and his boat will impress the ladies in his April podcast. Click here to listen.
King of the road but not on the water – Dave rages against dayglo and polka dots in his March podcast. Click here to listen.
Sailing technique and keeping your tea level – Dave muses on ignorance in his February podcast. Click here to listen.
Second amongst ‘Others’ in the Maldon Town Regatta… Dave excels in his January podcast – Click here to listen
magic man can make with wood… but when it’s boats we’re talking
about, opinion isn’t divided, it’s splintered… hear Dave’s December
thoughts – Click here to listen
The old gaffers are in for a hard time in Dave’s November reading – Click here to listen
There’s no such thing as the right type of water for a sailor, as Dave Selby explains in this podcast from the October issue – Click here to listen

Click here to listen to PBO columnist Dave Selby and his dog, Bart read ‘It Takes All Salts’ from PBO September issue on sale 2 August