It's an early start for the sail to Haslar Marina. Will is excited about the prospect of four weeks off work to go cruising.

The early bird… is still very tired. No escaping the harbour dues – this guy is up early! Woken up to a windless day. Brighton Marina looks so much smaller in daylight. Evita’s still in the land of nod, and Yanni’s a passable zombie.

Let slip, and Brigitte took the helm. No wind at all – I hoisted the main for aesthetic reasons only. We are a sailing boat after all. Still it didn’t hurt, we seemed to move just that little bit faster than anyone else. Nothing happened, and it happened slowly. Stress disappears when life slows down to 7kts.

Once we rounded Selsey Bill the wind picked up – 6kts over deck. Not really useful – we had to meet a friend for the lift back to St Albans. Quick family consultation – let’s just make time, get this passage over with. 120NM in two days – there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

The Solent came in to view – welcome to “Radio Check Central”. (Rant mode on) What is it with these people? It worked when you last switched it off, why shouldn’t it work when you next switch it on? Do you call the AA every morning when you start your car? (Rant mode off). It was busier that our usual East Coast stomping ground. We will take the time to explore the Solent next winter, should be less busy then.

We took the small boat channel and first left into Haslar Marina – Yanita’s home for the next five days. We tidied up a bit, checked the charts for next week, then went home.

Only five more days, and I have FOUR weeks off work! Four weeks on the boat. When we got back from our one-week shakedown cruise I didn’t want to go back. After four weeks they’ll have to drag me off the boat kicking and screaming.

Can’t wait!