Practical Boat Owner has compiled the only guide to annual berth holder prices and facilities at coastal marinas around the British Isles, to provide boat owners with the best information on annual berths.

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Annual prices shown are based on average price per meter. For 2013 we took quotes on three typical sailboat lengths, of 7m, 10m and 13m, then crunched these numbers. This figure is unlikely to be what a marina would actually quote for your particular boat, but it should be a good indication and is, we think, a fair overall representation.

Headline (and sortable) prices are shown in pounds sterling. Prices in euros, for the Republic of Ireland, are noted in each marina’s listing in the paragraph below the marina name.

Prices include VAT at 20% where applicable.

We show only marinas that have walk-ashore berths with mast-up access from the coast. Where harbours offer marina-style facilities we may list them as well (for convenience we call them all marinas). Other forms of mooring may be offered by individual marinas.

The number of walk-ashore berths shown is how many the marina can take overall, not how many are available at any given time. Some may have waiting lists.

Each marina’s draught and depth details together give a guide to how well your boat may be able to get to, and stay in, a berth – if both numbers given are ‘0′ it indicates that it is a fully-drying marina.

Some marinas have distinct, and distinctly-priced, zones; we may list these individually if appropriate. A few marinas, mainly in Ireland, do not keep berths open over winter (offering storage ashore instead): these usually give per-month prices, which we have converted to match the majority.

Other marinas do not offer annual contracts, but if a boat can be kept there long-term, we include them and show what equates to annual average prices.

Some marinas included early or advance payment discounts in the listed price (as some were applicable at time of initial print publication). If this is the case we say so and show any percentage discount we were advised of.

Marinas holding Gold Anchor Awards from The Yacht Harbour Association show gold anchor symbols reflecting the number of anchors they have achieved, five being the top award.

In 2012 we are listing more facilities than previously. In the magazine we were able to show greater detail, eg whether a facility was available onsite, within a mile or further than a mile away. Online, due to technical limitations, we simply state whether it is onsite or not.

Marinas may include harbour dues, canal licence fees or similar charges in their prices – we indicate where this is so.

We also show any parent group to which a marina may belong, and whether it is a member of TransEurope Marinas – these can offer group benefits such as free visitor nights at sister marinas and discounts on services.

Lift-out shows tonnage if the marina advised it.

Marina Price Guide – click here to search

If you are interested in berthing at any marina, contact it for further information. Most marinas have websites and respond to emails, though others prefer phone. All contact details are listed.

Good resources on domestic marinas are the British and Irish Marine Federations (BMF and IMF), Sail Scotland, and The Yacht Harbour Association:,,,

NB London and Weymouth & Portland marinas may be affected by the 2012 Olympics – see PBO April issue for details or for Dorset check and

Missing your marina?

Any marinas not yet shown may be visitor-only. Visitor prices are not yet listed but will appear in this online guide after publication in PBO magazine over the summer, when visitor-only marinas are added to the online capability.

Other marinas not listed may not fit our criteria of walk-ashore berths with mast-up access from the coast, or may have been uncontactable. If your marina isn’t listed, tell us about it – and if it’s eligible, we’ll collect the details and put it in our online version of the guide right away… and add it to our 2013 magazine list!