PBO tests 8 LED, Incandescent and strobe lifejacket lights

Product Overview

Spinlock Pylon Light


  • Excellent design which raises the light above the casualty's head
  • Keeps night vision intact
  • Provides 360 visibility of light


  • Light not as bright as some on test


Spinlock Pylon Lifejacket Light


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Best BuyThe Spinlock Pylon lifejacket light is a departure from the norm – a flashing LED (just under a second per flash) atop a semi-flexible post. It attaches by Velcro around the bladder at shoulder height, with a strong double-sided tape pad to keep it oriented correctly. This raises the light to just above head height, giving all-round visibility.

The light was yellower than some on test, but had a longer flash than the strobes and some others, which aided visibility. Its position on the shoulder left the casualty free to deploy the lifejacket’s sprayhood.

The light’s lithium battery is housed along with the water sensor in a neat capsule on the end of its wire, which also allows you to turn it off. A single press of the button displays the battery condition via a green or red LED.

We tested this light alongside 8 other incandescent, strobe and LED models. Read the reviews of other lifejacket lights on test.

Spinlock Pylon Light

The Spinlock Pylon light (main photo) offered best all-round visibility


An excellent concept that proved easiest to see in all orientations. The light wasn’t as bright as some on test, but its higher mounting meant it was more visible from a distance.