PBO tests the Crewsaver lifejacket light as part of a test of 8 LED, incandescent and strobe lights

Product Overview

Crewsaver Lifejacket light


  • Cold white LED light made this the easiest to spot


  • Mounting position on the oral inflation tube meant that the light was easily obscured by the casualty's head in certain orientations, and ended up inside the sprayhood when deployed


Crewsaver Lifejacket Light


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The Crewsaver lifejacket light mounts via a PVC loop around the base of the inflation tube. Its domed LED light was visible for about 270° when viewed from deck level, only being obscured by our casualty Fred’s head.
Its light was the bluest of all we tested, which gave it a sharp pinprick of illumination that was very easy to spot from afar, though its flash was slightly shorter than the longest-flash Spinlock light.

The water-sensitive switch activated by a dangling wire was among the most responsive on test. It could also be switched on and off via a push button.

However, the light is mounted in such a way that it would be inside the sprayhood if that was deployed, and would dazzle the wearer. Its battery is sealed inside the light unit.

We tested this light alongside 8 other incandescent, strobe and LED models. Read the reviews of other lifejacket lights on test.

The Crewsaver (inset) was brightest from a distance at certain angles

The Crewsaver (inset) was brightest from a distance but was mounted low down on the oral inflation tube



The brightest and most visible of the lights we tested – provided the casualty’s head did not obscure the light from the people looking for him.