PBO tests the ACR C-Light lifejacket light as part of a test of 8 lifejacket lights

Product Overview

ACR C-Light


  • Cheap
  • Light gives 360 degree visibility when mounted high enough
  • User-replaceable batteries (2xAA)


  • Light far dimmer than modern LEDs
  • Must be activated by hand


ACR C-Light lifejacket light


Price as reviewed:


This was the cheapest and simplest design we tested. It takes 2xAA batteries and comes with two mounting options – either via a clip onto the oral inflation tube or fastened to a bladder with a Velcro strap. It is activated via a 100° twist, with a captive pin stopping you from removing the lens accidentally.

Visibility when mounted high enough was near to 360°, but the light was feeble when compared to the modern LED lights. Its lens meant that it was most visible when the rescuer’s eye level was at the same level as the light diffuser.

We tested this light alongside 8 other incandescent, strobe and LED models. Read the reviews of other lifejacket lights on test.

C lite lifejacket light


Cheap, and you can replace the batteries yourself – but otherwise it doesn’t come close to more modern LED technology designs.