PBO January 2022 cover

Polishing topsides; how does the Drascombe Drifter 22 compare to its predecessor?; Electrifying a classic motorboat; Christmas gifts; plus choosing nav gear and electronics for the PBO Project Boat and 23 pages of DIY…

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Drascombe Drifter 22

After lying low for a while, this roomy 22-footer is back in production

Used boat test: Haines 320

The semi-custom river cruiser that is supremely comfortable

Slow boat to Craobh

When wind and batteries fail, Genevieve Leaper gets inventive

Upgrading electronics

What’s best for an old boat like Maximus?

Repairing a sail cover

A decade of harsh Australian sun leaves a Duncanson 35 mainsail cover in need of TLC

Polishing topsides

Step-by-step expert advice to making your boat gleam

Homeward bound

A test of seamanship and personal endurance on a solo voyage from Portugal to Plymouth

Repairing a damaged raw water pump

What to do when drastic remedial action is required

A memorable first extended sailing trip

Seasickness and rough seas, with too few lifejackets on board

Christmas gift ideas

Festive gear recommendations for the practical boat owner

Mounting deck vents

Stop the leaks with this simple, no-drip fix

Electric outboard transom bracket

Going hybrid the ply way

Procrastinate at your peril

An old logbook discovered by a new boat owner contains a laugh-out-loud lesson in how not to set sail

Small island, big history

Discovering the Roman harbour of Ventotene and its brutal past

The big tow

John Apps reports on impressive feats of seamanship from the Jester Azores Challenge

Sketchbook tips

Loosen rusty nuts and bolts