Ian Nicolson installs a sheet of perspex to keep his flare storage locker secure but easily visible

Fire extinguishers are generally fixed where everyone can see them on a cruising yacht. However, other safety gear like the flares and the foghorn are often hidden away in lockers so people who are new on board may never know where to look for them in a crisis.
On our Rival 34 I built a simple transparent fiddle for the shelf above the port settee: this keeps all the safety gear in sight but safely secured all the time. Having the flares in view also reminds me when they expire and it’s time to get new ones.
The fiddle is just a piece of perspex, stiffened along the top with a varnished teak batten. Total cost was £1 for the screws as the other parts came from what I found in my garage.
Ian Nicolson

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