Richard Hare finds that a little improvisation helped keep his mooring lines intact and chafe-free when mooring to abrasive quays

Rough quays are a problem now and again and certainly something to be mindful of when mooring up for the night.
It’s a difficulty that arises in both tidal areas like the UK and non-tidal areas like the Mediterranean. In fact in the Med you can find some particularly abrasive concrete quays (the picture actually shows one of the better ones).
The problem is the sawing action that can build up: warps can quickly become shredded.
Unless you carry something on board specifically for the purpose, a walk around any harbour invariably reveals a suitable piece of driftwood that can be press-ganged into service. Assuming it has a reasonably round edge it will be just the job to keep warps clear of the quay edge. It always surprises me how well it’ll remain in place, too.

Richard Hare

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