Mark Grimwade adds pressure to locate deck leaks on his boat

However your decks are constructed, the water from a deck leak often emerges a considerable distance from where it enters. The point of emergence is usually very clear to see – or feel! However, finding its source can present quite a problem. In both cases I have experienced, the leaks were traced by the following method, which requires two people.

How to locate a deck leak

How to locate a deck leak

Attach the pipe from your dinghy inflation pump pipe to the point where the drip emerges. This can be done by sundry means such as duct tape, plasticine or some putty-like substance. Alternatively, connect a soft piece of hose to the inflation pipe and manually press the other end onto the leak. The connection doesn’t have to be airtight, simply capable of providing some pressurisation. Wet the deck with soapy water, and start using the pump: bubbles will appear on deck at the leak’s source. Repair as appropriate to the deck’s construction.

Mark Grimwade

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