Jeremy and Debbie White have a useful tip for neat boat hook storage in a dinghy to help with coming alongside pontoons and quays

After 20 years of messing about in boats we have rarely mastered the art of smoothly landing our dinghy at a quayside or pontoon and gracefully stepping ashore to secure the painter.
Quaysides vary in height and not all have mooring rings or cleats in the right place, if any at all. What we needed was something that I could use to snag mooring rings and/or pick up (usually filthy) mooring ropes. However, it needed to be compact and stored somewhere secure in the dinghy when we went ashore.

We purchased a small telescopic boat hook (67cm when retracted/100cm when expanded). When retracted it fits neatly under the dinghy seat, out of sight, secured by two pipe clips underneath the seat. It’s a simple, cost-effective solution to a problem that has bugged us for years. The hook is also invaluable when getting in and out of the dinghy from the boat.
Jeremy and Debbie White

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