Bill McCreath's recipe for baking no-mess bread on your boat

Baking bread on a boat need not create a floury mess and produce sinkfuls of washing-up.
When victualling for your cruise, pack into a sealable two-litre oblong plastic container one pound of strong bread flour, one-and-a-half teaspoons of dried yeast and two teaspoons of salt.
To produce the dough, simply add half a pint of water to the filled container and stir to create
a ball of dough.
Knead this ball for about six minutes while it is still in the plastic container.
Loosely replace the box’s lid and allow the dough to rise. This could take some time if the weather is cold, so start the process in good time – perhaps even allowing the rising to take place overnight.
Knock back the risen dough and allow a second rising.
About an hour later gently roll out the dough into a baking tray and place in a hot oven for approximately 20 minutes. The bread is cooked if it sounds hollow when tapped underneath.
The only washing up is one plastic box, one stirring spoon and a baking tray.
Be warned, though – any hungry crew will devour this loaf in minutes!
Bill McCreath

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