US yachtsmen provide shelter to earthquake victims with used sails

Yachtsmen in the USA are being urged to donate their used sails to help provide shelter to survivors of the Haiti earthquake. 

 Two men have chartered a cargo ship, putting down a deposit before they had even received a single shipment. The ship, Sea Flower, is expected to leave for Haiti with 15,000 pallets of supplies as soon as it is full. Yachtsmen near Miami are being urged to deliver any used sails, especially large mainsails to the project. The organisers explain the situation:

“Even people who survived the quake and were healthy are now becoming sick from exposure to the elements. Tents, Rice, Cooking Oil, Beans, Pasta, Feminine Hygiene Products, Water Purfiers, Water Makers, Medical Supplies and more money to purchase these disaster relief supplies are the top items needed to help Haitian earthquake victims.”

 “We are bypassing the clogged arteries of Port Au Prince. And we are seeking support in the form of 1) monies to fund shipment, 2) materials for various organizations and 3) relationships with a variety of aid and non-profit entities needing support to continue work in the Haitian communities,” said organiser Robert Dietrich who has family in Haiti and has been funding a Haitian school for some years.

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