Man overboard rescue helped by a life jacket

The rescue of a yachtsmen who fell overboard was boosted by his lifejacket.

At 9.31am yesterday, Solent Coastguard received a mayday call from a yacht reporting that one of the crew had fallen overboard.

The 63-year-old man was clipped on to the vessel by the strap on his lifejacket.

Solent Coastguard broadcast a mayday relay to any other vessels that may
have been able to assist and received an offer of assistance from a
rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB) that was nearby.

The coastguard advised the two remaining crew on the yacht to inflate
their liferaft and to tether it to the yacht and enable it to float to
the man overboard to enable him to climb into it.

The crew managed to achieve this ensuring that the man was safe.

Newhaven Coastguard rescue team was called out and Brighton RNLI lifeboat was also requested to launch.

The RHIB came alongside and took the man to Brighton Marina where he was
checked over by ambulance personnel, but did not require hospital

Steve Mann, Watch Officer for Solent Coastguard ,said: ‘The remaining crew did exactly the right thing in calling for help in
making a mayday call, which meant any other boats in the area that heard
the broadcast were immediately able to offer assistance.

‘Fortunately, the yachtsman was wearing a lifejacket and was also clipped
onto the vessel which aided his rescue and increased his chances of

(Picture: A stock image of the Brighton RNLI lifeboat in action)