Customers advised to reset their logs

A prominent UK marine instrument manufacturer has strongly denied ‘satanic intent’ after one man’s claims that the log reading on his display had endangered his life.

In what is being dubbed ‘Satan-gate’, experienced boat owner, Ole Jokhen, described how his digital log reading appeared to have a dramatic effect.

‘It was a perfect passage from Poole to Alderney last year. I glanced at the log and noticed that it read 6666.5. As soon as it reached 6666.6, the weather changed, lightning flashed down, we were bombarded with brimstone and the sea began to boil. Maniacal laughter filled the air. It was a terrifying experience!’

As soon as the display reached .7, everything returned to normal.

A spokesman for the company vehemently denied that a rogue, possibly satantic progammer, had been suspended but took the precaution of advising customers to reset their log before this figure is reached.