Two men rushed to hospital after motorboat explosion

Two boat owners were rushed to hospital last night after a fire in Brighton Marina. It took 50 firefighters over three hours to control the blaze, which started on a motorboat on pontoon 15.

The drama started at 8pm when an explosion was heard from a 32ft motorboat. A 27-year-old man, who was enjoying a drink on his own boat nearby, saw the boat go up in flames and rushed to the aid of the owner.

He managed to drag him onto the pontoon while other boat owners began to cut vessels free to stop the fire spreading. The flames engulfed the boat next door, and another explosion quickly followed.

Eight fire engines, 50 fire-fighters and three lifeboats from Brighton and Shoreham were called to the scene, and managed to put out the fire using foam. They deployed oil containment booms and absorbent pads to contain spilled fuel, but were unable to save either vessel.

The boat owner was taken to hospital suffering burns, and another man was hospitalised following smoke inhalation. Fortunately both men have now been removed from the intensive care unit, and are making a good recovery.